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Hello ladies! It’s time for your curly hair to shine. We all know a lot of famous ladies who have Long Curly Hair and who look perfect because of it. When we see them, we all wish, at least for a moment, that we also have curly hair. The eternal story- straight hair girls want to have curly hair, and those with curly hair want to have straight hair.

However, is the care of naturally straight and curly hair the same?

Not even close. Curly hair is certainly very beautiful and gives some natural charm and leaves a unique mark, but it is far more difficult to care for compared to straight hair.

That is why we want to share the 5 best Curly Girl Method tips we’ve learned from stylists with you. Keep reading.


Many people believe that curly hair should not be shampooed often because most shampoos have sulfates that dry out the hair and reduce the natural percentage of moisture and cause dry hair and destruction of curls in the end. For this reason, it is recommended to wash your hair as infrequently as possible.

However, the secret to healthy hair is a clean scalp that allows hair to be healthy. So that you can wash your hair as often as possible without worrying that it will further dry out and worsen its quality, we recommend Kiss Shampoo without silicones and sulfates, which nourishes your hair and gives it a diamond shine.

Hydrate your hair with conditioner

The first logical step after shampooing would be to apply a conditioner. It is a key factor in the final look of your hair. It gives your curls softness and shine and makes them velvety soft. Additionally it also Shine Hydrate Naturally your hair and makes it easier for you to comb (which can be very demanding when it comes to curly hair). Here, you can see our Gorgeous Collection Leave-In Conditioner which you can spray daily on your hair and style as desired.

Comb your hair from the bottom up

Separate the hair from the bottom up. This is the best way to comb and remove potential knots, otherwise combing to the top towards the bottom would only worsen the condition with the knots and would break the hair and do even more damage. A comb with wide teeth is always recommended for combing curly hair.

Use a defining creme

After rinsing with shampoo and conditioner and combing your hair, use a defining cream that helps you style your hair. Place a small amount of product into hands, then work into damp hair from roots to ends. Add slightly more products where an additional lift is desired. Here you can see our Curl Oh Curl Defining Creme.

Pineapple trick

This is a technique that is recommended so that your hair does not fall out and that it looks fresh and clean the next day. It is also used to preserve hair.

It’s simple. Before going to bed, tie your hair in a bun loosely at the highest point of your head and leave it overnight. In the morning, just untie the bun, untangle your hair and start a new day with shiny hair.

Hope we’ve helped you with these tips and tricks. Talk to you soon!

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