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Why need for a Linear Light Fixture?

A linear light fixture is a linear shape luminaire that luminaires long optics for distributing light on a narrower area than what is the case. ith traditional light fixtures, generally the round and the square ones. These lights are long in their length and can easily be install as surface mounted fixtures on walls; suspended from ceilings or walls or recessed into ceilings or walls. Linear lighting fixtures have just been introduce in the market now making it easier to light up spaces like the long areas in retail stores; office lighting and warehouse areas. They are aesthetically pleasing items that offer great performance. There are a range of options available in this category which include tuneable white lights; direct or indirect lights; daylight dimming; RGBW and many more.

Linear light fixture

Speaking commercial track lighting, it is also flexible, low maintenance and adaptable lighting solution for different commercial spaces. Tracks can easily be arrange in varied configurations and sizes as required. These lights are available in varied design solutions and a blend of task, accent and ambient lighting. That being said, they are also aesthetically appealing like the linear lighting fixtures.

Commercial track lighting

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