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Why are 65W GaN Chargers more reliable than other charging devices?

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, chargers are also manufactured with the latest features. You can buy the fast charging 65W GaN Charger. It can bu used as mobile phone, iPad, and Macbook charger.

As more battery chargers are made from gallium nitride, GaN is emerging and entering into the charging devices. As a result, GaN chargers charging technology is rising to fame.

GaN charger is now becoming the popular choice among all the charger manufacturing companies. Indeed, the fast charging capacity offers higher power efficiency and is good for heat dissipation.

Do you want to know why 65W GaN chargers are better than other chargers? If yes! Read the article to check out the features of the 65W GaN charger.

Features of 65W GaN charger

1.Quality Component

GaN charger contains a built-in gallium nitride chip. This built-in chip is made of gallium nitride. 65W GaN charger is the new semiconductor material alternative.

When you use the GaN chargers, you will get the benefits of using the USB C ports in many aspects. The GaN chargers provide fast charging with less heat generation.When comparing the normal charger with the GaN chargers, GaN charger is always one of the reliable options because of its higher versatility and flexibility.

2.Charging Speed & Power Efficiency

GaN chargers are capable of conducting higher voltages and can also handle more power.

So, whenever you are searching for fast chargers in the market, you can consider GaN chargers.


GaN chargers are much smaller than other chargers. 65W GaN Charger is portable and easy to carry. You can easily take it during business travel or shopping.

Huntkey’s 65W GaN Fast Charger

HUNTKEY is launching the GaN chargers in the US and Canada. At HUNTKEY, the Fast Charger Supplier, you can buy 65W GaN fast chargers.

Single Output:

USB-C: 5-11V3A 5V3A 9V3A 12V3A 15V3A 20V3.25A MAX
USB-A: 5V3A 9V3A

Dual Output:

USB-C: 5-11V3A 5V3A 9V3A 12V3A 15V3A 20V2.25A

Huntkey’s 65W GaN Fast Charger


It is concluded that the GaN charger is available in a smaller size. Therefore, these chargers outperform the normal battery charger. Moreover, with the high power efficiency, GaN chargers also support the fast charging speed and outstanding thermal efficiency. GaN chargers are becoming popular due to their high-tech features.

Features of CJ001 car air purifier

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Specifications of car air purifier CJ001

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Noise level: CJ001 car air purifier can work with 5V/2A input. When it comes to noise level, the CJ001 car air purifier is only producing the maximum 36dB (A) noise.

Air volume: The volume of air is 3.6cbm/h.

Light weight: This air purifier is around 460g only. It is easy to carry and portable. The dimensions of CJ001 air purifier is 67*180mm. CJ001 air purifiers do not require any extra space in your car. You can fit it in the car and enjoy breathing the pure air.

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Oucica Air Purifier CJ001

Our Advantage

Oucica is a high-end photocatalyst air purifier brand under Huntkey Group. Relying on Huntkey’s strong production and R&D capabilities, Oucica has taken a completely different route from ordinary air purification products. Many of the air purification products on the market use filters for adsorption and purification, which causes the harmful substances deposited on the filters to volatilize and cause secondary environmental pollution.

Oucica uses the MaSSC photocatalyst UVA decomposition system. Ordinary photocatalyst technology can decompose harmful substances and avoid secondary pollution of the environment. Compared with ordinary photocatalysts, the MaSSC photocatalyst UVA decomposition system has a more efficient purification capacity and does not produce harmful substances such as ozone. In addition, the Oucica photocatalyst air purifier is additionally equipped with a multi-layer activated carbon filter, so it has multiple purification capabilities and is far cleaner than ordinary products. Especially in dealing with viruses and bacteria, it can efficiently remove a variety of bacteria and viruses, including H1N1 influenza A virus, H3N2 influenza virus, and enterovirus EV71, including a variety of common indoor bacteria and viruses, with a removal rate of up to 99.99%.

On January 28th, Huntkey Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) with its excellent product quality and industry-leading technical strength, becoming a manned spaceflight partner and jointly contributing to Chinese space industry. Bringing healthy and clean air, making everyone can breathe freely and at ease is the goal that Huntkey has been working hard on.