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What types of documents Notarizersis Notarizing?

Notary Public is responsible for the notarization of documents. A notary public is an official appointed by the government to prevent fraudulent documents. The Notary serves as an official witness to a document and confirms that the person who is authorized to sign the document indeed signed it in the Notary’s presence.

The role of the Notary public is to witness the signing of documents. They verify the signer(s) identity, their willingness, and their awareness.

At Notarizers, you will find the best notarizing services for the authentication of your documents.

We have a group of experienced experts notarizing various kinds of documents, including:

  1. Real estate property documents: for buying and selling the Real Estate property
  2. Home loan reports – Signing the home loan documents and the commitment letter on the side of the securing or refinancing properties.
  3. Releases of liens and private encumbrances
  4. Selling and purchasing the units of share.
  5. Legal documents for court use
  6. Documents for personal identification
  7. RCMP Police Clearance Certificate
  8. Documents related to a company, its publicity, and trade

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Get ready to get your documents notarized from professional and experienced Notarizers.

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