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What are the Best Features of PTFE Seals?

Summary: The subsequent press release helps you know the best features of PTFE seals.

In many industries, applications have slowly grown more demanding in temperature, environment, and pressure. As a result, engineers realized that the standard elastomeric seal could not offer the life expectancy needed to remain competitive.

PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, seals have far surpassed elastomer seals in numerous applications.

Read on to learn the top ten features that PTFE seals offer!

1.Able to withstand high pressure: A part of that is why PTFE seals are so helpful in applications with heavy-duty machineries, such as mining or agriculture.

2.Chemically inert: In PTFE, the carbon-fluorine bonds prevent it from reacting, so repeated exposure to chemicals cannot break it down.

3.Water, oil, and dirt repellent: Due to its resistance to these common contaminants, PTFE is an excellent sealant.

4.Slippery: PTFE is not just water, oil, and dirt repellent – it repels everything! (PTFE is so slick that insects cannot grip it, and it tends to fall off.) It is beneficial in a variety of sealing applications across industries because it eliminates the need for lubrication.

5.Can be used with various media: It has successfully used PTFE lip seals for sealing all types of media, including granules, synthetic lubricants, powders, steam, resins, heat transfer oils, chemical wastewater, foodstuffs, glues, and more.

By blending our own PTFE compounds, Zhuzhou Hongda Polymer Material Co., LTD can offer you a variety of cryogenic seals and oil seals that are crafted for your needs!

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