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We deal in complete hookah accessories and provide the best Conceptic Hookah Bowl with foil, hoses, tongs, bases, brushes, and much more. We aim to offer a complete hookah range to the customers who are seeking well-designed and branded hookahs. With the help of our extensive products, we have gained a lot of love from our customers because we are expanding our products more and more day by day. Our website has an easy interface to get what you are looking for your hookah party. Furthermore, we provide free shipping of hookahs and their accessories, and our product will reach the destination in the scheduled time. Our store offer you the best price accessories to make your smoking experience comfortable.

Target Hookah Bowl is one of the durable items in our product range which our customers highly order. It is made up of extreme quality and provides enjoyable smoking sessions for the users. Tobacco does not get burnt and remains wet so that you can enjoy the flavor of it till the last. Our products will give you a long-lasting effect that will provide you with a pleasant experience of smoking hookah. So visit our website and order the broadest range of hookah bowls to enjoy your parties with your loved ones.

Brief Guide on buying Hookah Bowl

Hookah bowls are also known as shisha bowls that are available in different shapes, sizes and materials tend to leave a huge impact on the quality of shisha and smoking. There are numerous hookah bowls available in the market such as target hookah bowl, kong hookah bowl, and werkbund hookah bowl, and more. Moreover, Each of these bowls has its set of pros and cons and new hookah pipes.

Here is the list of different hookah bowl for buying

Egyptian Hookah Bowls

Most shisha packs sold with what is known as an Egyptian-style hookah bowl. These dishes are generally made of mud and can be either coated or unglazed. Egyptian hookah heads are molded like a dish and for the most part, have five medium-size openings in a cross example in the base. It permit the shisha smoke to be brought into the office of the hookah pipe.

Hookah Bowl

Egyptian shisha bowls can be utilized with foil, screens, and chimney stack sets; giving a modest and flexible alternative for shisha smokers. Besides, One disadvantage to Egyptian snare bowls is that the abundance of molasses in the shisha tobacco will trickle straight into the stem.

Vortex Hookah Bowls

There several unique plans that have been called Vortex hookah bowls. As the name identifies with the smoke vortex made by the state of the Vortex shisha head. Ordinary dirt Vortex hookah bowls are formed like a donut shape with a stump in the focal point of the dish enveloping outward-confronting draw openings.

A more present-day form of the Vortex shisha head is made of silicone. It has blades shaped into the foundation of the dish to disturb the wind stream making a smoke vortex. Viable with foil, screens, and smokestack sets; Vortex hookah heads are an improvement over Egyptian hookah bowls as fewer molasses will dribble down the stem.

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