Are you excited about Treks in Dolpo? If yes, you can try Lower Dolpo Trek and Upper Dolpo trek.

On the highland area of Dolpo, ‘Upper Dolpo’ comprises the numbers of Dolpo Pa people, who has their own culture and tradition since long history. As close to the Tibet border they have close cultural and religious tie up with Tibet. Inhabitants on this climatic zone are purely Bon and Tibetan Buddhism followers. The valley consisting numbers of Bon and Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries which are century old, and where some of  holy Lamas had enlightened through solitary meditation and hermitage. They celebrate festivals like; Buddha Jayanti, SonamLhosar, Shey Festival, Ngungne, Chhechyu etc. Animal husbandry and agriculture supported along with the trans-human and trans-himalayan trade was majorsource of their livelihood.However, this tren is in changing due to the high valued fungus CordecepsSinensis ‘Yarsagumba’.

Inner Dolpo trek is also known as an Upper Dolpo trek. It is a trek in to the one of the remote regions of Nepal. In Nepal, you can find many remote trekking regions but, the inner upper Dolpotrek is one of the most isolated and unique trek, that which passes through the lower and Upper Dolpo. This treks is wonderful trek that rolling across culturally and naturally places of Dolpo.

Before starting the trek, it is important to understand the District of Dolpo in Nepal. There are roads in Dolpo that are still under construction, and hence it may take few times for the complete construction to reach the villages of Dolpo. Hence, only way to get in to Dolpo is by air, which leads from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and to Dolpo.

Where Is Upper Dolpo In Nepal?

On a guide of Nepal, you will see Dolpo situated in the mid-Western area of the country. It stretches out north of Phoksundo Lake to the bordering with Tibet. Jumla with Rara Lake is towards its west, and the Annapurna is at East. It is located in the Dolpa District and furthermore in the SheyPhoksundo National Park.Inner Dolpo is located in the Trans Himalaya mountain range. The Trans Himalaya range is north of the Himalayas.

PuthHiuchuli (7240m) and Kanjiroba (6,883m) are the two highest mountains in Dolpo. With these two mountain range Dolpo is situated and rain shadows line therefore the environment is dry in summer and freezing in winters.Since Upper Dolpo rests in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri, effects of the monsoon are not as extreme as experienced as other part of country. So, it is possible to trek in spring, summer, autumn. In the winter notoriously cold and with very heavy snowfalls blocks the high passes, so December to spring is avoided for trekking. Even though the best seasons for trekking is in autumn i.e September, October and November.

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Indeed Upper or Inner Dolpo is one the most off the beaten journey in the Nepal Himalaya. Locating on the remote and isolated area of Nepal the trips in Dolpo are adventurous. Long days expedition style trek and camping treks in Dolpo is really an exceptional rewards of Nepalese Himalaya.

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