Bluetooth smart glasses are just what one would expect-sunglasses with Bluetooth connectivity which means they double up as headphones. The glasses play music while keeping the harsh rays of the sun out of the eyes of the wearer. And in doing so, the glasses promise to make the lives of the users a bit better and more fashionable. These glasses are one important thing you cannot afford to miss out on when leaving your home every morning. These glasses use bone conduction technology to serve as smart glasses. There have circuitry within their frames emitting tiny vibrations by way of the skull to vibrate the internal ears. This allows the users to hear sounds. The whole thing might sound and even appear a bit freaky but this is exactly how the hearing in these glasses works Bluetooth Smart Glasses.

Bluetooth Smart Glasses

There are different models of these glasses available in the market with sound waves traveling through the air instead of the bones. Overall, you will be really impressed with these glasses that speak of new and highly advanced technology. However, you must not take it as a surprise that the designs in this category are a bit bulkier than the regular sunglasses available till date. Another great item showcasing great piece of technology is the health monitoring watch that helps people in keeping a close watch on their health Health Monitoring Watch.

Health Monitoring Watch

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