Recent technological advancements making old technologies obsolete. The best example of this phenomenon can be seen with audio-video technology. Just a decade ago cassettes and CDs were popular and we store most of our memories on these mediums.

However, the latest advancements in technologies have made these mediums obsolete. Thanks to Universal Video Conversions you can still extract these old audio video files and put them on an SD card or store them on the internet. Video Transfer of SD CARD is the technology that allows it.

Why Transfer Files To SD Card?

  • Preservation

Moisture in the air slowly damages the cassettes and CDs over time. As a result, recorded files on these mediums will get corrupted over years. With the help of Color Label DVD Printing, you can stop this from happening.

  • Lack of media player

These days, no one uses a cassette or CD player. Finding the right player for playing cassettes and CDs is becoming hard. Video Transfer of SD CARD allows them to play these old files on modern media players easily.

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  • Online Sharing

Sharing old audio-video files online from cassettes and CDs is not possible. However, if you bring these files to your computer through an SD card, then you can share these files with others.

Color Label DVD Printing is the best place where you can transfer old audio video files from cassettes and CDs to SD cards.

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