Is RCMP Police Clearance Certificate important? Yes, it is!

RCMP Police Clearance Certificate contains significant details about an individual, including fingerprints.

Police clearance is needed to prove that you have no criminal record covering the time of stay in a country. RCMP certificate approves your character as an individual if you are a well-behaved resident.

It shows how moral you are as a resident, foreigner, guest, laborer, or understudy.

Suppose in any condition your records show that you have an infringement of the law which incorporates conviction, claims, and criminal procedures or any inclusion to criminal operations. In that case, a comment will be noted in your RCMP certificate expressing the infringement.

The Police Department in the issuing country holds the right not to give any RCMP Certificate to a candidate if the consequence of an individual verification demonstrates that the candidate is a threat to society or has a forthcoming court case.

Do you need a Police Clearance?

One of the typical inquiries that you will get while applying for an RCMP certificate is this: Why do you need an RCMP Certificate? The most appropriate response to that question is to just give the authentication and validation for why you are attempting to obtain the RCMP certificate (for example, Immigration, Employment, Education, Travel, and so on).

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